I always say god has a sense of humor. He made me fat and I became a dancer. He made me dyslexic and I am writing screen plays. I started dancing at the age of 15. I was 5′ tall and weighed over 220 pounds. Needless to say I wasn’t the happiest teenager. One day that all started to change. I was watching T.V. and the movie “Swing Kids” came on. This movie and the following decisions I made changed my life as well as the lives of every person I have taught around the world. I was enamored with this dance. The music was the music of my grandfather who I loved dearly and it looked like the dancers were having so much fun. They had such passion.

As fate would have it within the next week my neighbor Laura came over and said they were having swing dance classes at the Mercury Cafe. Until then I thought this dance only existed in the movies. But now here it was and it was accessible to me. The problem was we were only 15 and couldn’t drive to Denver. This is where Tony came in. He was our age but had a girlfriend who was 18. The stage was set and the plans were laid. What happened next saved my life.

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